When it awoke, the dinosaur was still there. (Augusto Monterroso, "The Dinosaur") - Windupnostril
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Tagged > Lost friend
 32yrs • F
The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.
 35yrs • M
he who has many friend has no friend to spare, but he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere
THREAD Relationships & LoveLost Friends
2 Posts • 3769 Views
Psychology Forum
I've had many people with whom I was friends, who are no longer in my life. Sometimes, with some of them, the closure didn't always come when the relationship ended. Actually, many of my bro...
 69yrs • M
a friend of the devil is a friend of mine
 47yrs • M
would u like to b my friend ?
 33yrs • F
Crap. I lost my watch, now I'm lost in time.
 40yrs • F
you dont no what ur lost until ur lost it!
 31yrs • F
a friend will bail you out of jail but a best friend will be sitting in the cell next to you saying "that was fucken awesome!"
THREAD Writing AdviceCould you help me to write a song about
2 Posts • 1776 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
About my friend. Her name Natasha. She is very positive. Theme: Love *I spent a little time with her, she is very positiv, very kinn and clever. And i lost my chance to be a friend to her,even if...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 13642 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
To think that you'd move beyond The reach of fingertips... To see again your freckles flare red As you cheekily grinned I would give up laughter to see you again You understood me better than any...
THREAD Friend who thinks he's a mechanic
6 Posts • 2791 Views
Talk Talk
ever had a friend that doesnt apprecaite thoughtfull gifts from a close friend to yet never use them or put on the fucking lens (probably lost). I would want to show the person I enjoyed the gift...
THREAD StoriesSimple Story
7 Posts • 3969 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I think it really depends on the severity of the situation. If it is like depression like he lost his girlfriend, then I think a friend can lend help by just talking through it, but if it a lot of pro...
THREAD Song LyricsMad World
22 Posts • 8636 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Inertiatic ESP Now I'm lost last night I heard lepers flinch like birth defects it's musk was fecal in origin as the words dribbled off of its chin it said I'm lost I...
THREAD philosophy of friendship
31 Posts • 16116 Views
Philosophy Forum
Stages of FRIENDSHIP Stage 1: Friend: where all people whom you meet are friends Stage 2: Best Friend: A friend whom you trust your secret, later when you got misunderstanding, your secret will be r...
THREAD Friendless
11 Posts • 7937 Views
Talk Talk
I believe that too they are jealous of me but, I haven't talked with them since they called me Psycho. But the girl I was friend's with since junior high is like coming around my church now...
THREAD Relationships & LoveHurt...
9 Posts • 3777 Views
Psychology Forum
You can change the way you react. For example, if a friend ditched you, what would you usually say? Maybe you'd contemplate on what went wrong, how you can avoid it next time, and look for ways t...
THREAD whats friendship?
14 Posts • 7177 Views
Talk Talk
there is no such thing as a " bad friend " i think a bad friend is not a friend at all and a friend is a friend, someone you hang out with i guess and a close friend is soemone you can...
THREAD Inform or Obstruct?
3 Posts • 2689 Views
Talk Talk
id say, talk to that good friend of yours and see if theyll go tell the asst principal or whoever whatever he knows. maybe offer to go with him, if the two of you go together and inform the faculty of...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 35918 Views
Philosophy Forum
"I'm not saying we all necessarily do that but that we definitely can. Psychically connecting to the buffalo itself, I would think, would be a farely advanced method but that would be one wa...
THREAD Relationships & LoveLost friend......
5 Posts • 2826 Views
Psychology Forum
How does one feel when they lose a friend un-intentionally? They feel quite hurt actually. As if they have done this person wrong. They feel like they want very badly to get this friendship back b...
 34yrs • F
Say hello to my little friend.
 52yrs • F
your friend
 44yrs • M
Looking for friend
THREAD whats friendship?
14 Posts • 7177 Views
Talk Talk
k me and my friend were kinda best friends but like lately we havent been as close and well she thinks its becasue we value friendship diferently and she balmes it all on me and well i know ive done s...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionDrugs
23 Posts • 13267 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
I don't really do drugs much. Marijuana every once in awhile. It can be pretty fun. My friend and I actually went gnome hunting once. That was wacky. We ended up getting lost somewhere. Good time...
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