I bow down to God Who I've never seen just like peace that I fight for which no one believes in. - Fatima Shahzad
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Tagged > Dumped
THREAD About You / IntroductionsGot dumped by my GF
4 Posts • 3389 Views
Talk Talk
Hi guys, ok well, I just don't know were to turn to becouse the thing that is happening to me is, these feelings and thoughts in my head. I got dumped by my girlfriend yesterday... And man it hur...
THREAD Relationships & LoveRelationship Problems
9 Posts • 1918 Views
Psychology Forum
Well... me to, just got dumped by my girlfriend and I must say it hurts like hell, but am on a quick recovery. We are 16 and I know some of you might think that there was never gonna be something betw...
THREAD what should i do???
7 Posts • 2552 Views
Talk Talk
ok, theres this guy who went out with me we started going out for about 3 weeks....then somebody told me he was only going out with me b/c he felt sry fer me...then..about a week l8er this other guy a...
THREAD Gender PsychologyAre Break-Ups Worse For Guys Than Girls?
26 Posts • 8195 Views
Psychology Forum
It doesn't remove the emotion but it certainly improves the situation. For example two men best friends since Pre School each are about 25. One of them was recently dumped by their girlfriend, wh...
THREAD :P I am...
6 Posts • 1852 Views
Talk Talk
For me, am a guy 16 years old. Got dumped by my girlfriend. But now I feel ok, just did a poem about it, you can find it somewere here. My name is Vilius, but you can call me Will. I live in Lithuania...
THREAD DepressionThings to do when you're depressed
0 Posts • 874 Views
Psychology Forum
Those 50 bullets have been my life for the last month since I was dumped.
THREAD What did you do today?
31 Posts • 7477 Views
Talk Talk
Got up, Lived, Got dumped by my gf, died, came home, logged on.*cool* :(
4 Posts • 3058 Views
Jokes & Games
Actually I know I'm laughing, but sadly that is all too often not far from the truth - my sister's just finally dumped one like that.*dead*
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsAnother heartbreak post
4 Posts • 3112 Views
Psychology Forum
That's horrible that she said she loved you and couldn't love someone else but yet dumped you and chose someone else....I'm sorry.....I think you could find someone else but you didn�...
THREAD Sexual PsychologyLoss of Virginity
33 Posts • 11650 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I feel lucky every day that I'm with whom I'm with. I know that some people where he works act really incredulous that we haven't had sex yet, even after almost a year, and would have d...
THREAD Life & DeathTheories on Death
41 Posts • 48786 Views
Philosophy Forum
have you ever been dumped by somebody you truly love? deeper love than anything you've ever understood and they just took it away unexpectidly.......then you've tasted what that emptiness is...
THREAD PoetryThoughts Unchained
40 Posts • 8339 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Shadow's Mantra 300 sit ups each day. In honour of those who inspire me. 100 kilos each bench press. For each girl you fucked and dumped that year. 15 kilometres each run. For the num...
THREAD What is Heart Break ?
5 Posts • 6715 Views
Talk Talk
What billyboy said is very wise. I am also going through a breakup. My gf of 2 yrs dumped me and I am taking it really bad. But what you must always know is that life will go on, you will love again,...
THREAD I'm Tired Of Thinking And I Give Up
29 Posts • 9984 Views
Talk Talk
awaknd, u were dumped wernt ya. damn i hate it wen that happens.u feel like the worlds over for u. but stop wimpering like an idiot man. ur misery makes the damn bitch happy
THREAD heartache
2 Posts • 2377 Views
Talk Talk
I was dumped after 13years and I feel really betrayed We haven't spoken for about 2 months. I've decided to move away to another state. Is this a good move? Or should I wait to see if there...
THREAD How far will you go for love?
22 Posts • 4132 Views
Talk Talk
Well in this past relationship I did give everything that he did and even more yet I still got hurt. So now Im wondering why people even try to find love or keep going with it if you feel all this pai...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 54186 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
it sounds like you got issues getting up the courage to ask out a girl. just be yourself, let your personality and your soul do the talking, if she rejects you, don't stew on it- I got dumped eig...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThought and Reality
26 Posts • 5901 Views
Philosophy Forum
My botfriend i love him so much and he was hitting on another girl and he wouldn't admit it, when i heard what he said "she has a nice ass, look at that curve" He finnaly gave in and wa...
THREAD Halle Berry
2 Posts • 3300 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Halle Berry dumped her husband for Fred Durst!*roll*
THREAD Please someone tell me I'm wrong?!
7 Posts • 1528 Views
Talk Talk
OK. Its been OVER a month since she dumped me... Her reason was "I don't love you like that anymore..." WTF KIND OF REASON IS THAT?!?! Am I the only person who doesn't believe her!...
THREAD After effects of Grieving
4 Posts • 2323 Views
Talk Talk
um does anyone have any advice u can give me, i just got dumped at the cyberzone and wanted to know if anyone could give me any advice on how to get over her in less than 80 years?
THREAD How to be happy?
2 Posts • 1390 Views
Talk Talk
I was just recently dumped by my gf of 2 years. I am completely shattered and i don't feel like doing anything anymore also. It so hard to let go and I feel like i cant either. I am constantly th...
THREAD friend with benifits
14 Posts • 3106 Views
Talk Talk
Dont go, his friends probably told him to meet up with you to probably made a fool out of you. Thats the problem with kids these days (even though i am one) that they listen to their friends and aways...
THREAD Weird ThingsThree weird things you're grateful for.
33 Posts • 7951 Views
Talk Talk
1) Disfiguring one of my toes means it was once better 2) loser my job, looking forward to a better 1 3) getting dumped by a hot girlfriend (now i realise I HAD A HOT GIRLFRIEND) 4) Flailing a test...
THREAD Relationships & LoveBreakup Downtime Minimum
14 Posts • 1813 Views
Psychology Forum
bswildman...it depends on how the girl is handling her break-up with this friend of yours...considering that he is the one who broke up with her. Even if she didn't "love" him, being du...
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