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Tagged > Daughter
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 20160 Views
Religion Forum
Now your contradicting yourself. Jesus's body apparently physically disappeared. In the bible, it says that Jesus was resurrected. When did it disappear? It was no longer in the tomb but then...
THREAD HomosexualityHomosexuality as a comedy theme.
12 Posts • 2970 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Homosexuality as a comedy theme is kindof a double edge sword for both people who are ok with and people who are not ok with homosexuality. All shows that you mention seem to mainly show stereo types...
THREAD My life as I know it... or do I know it??
14 Posts • 3561 Views
Talk Talk
Ummmmm hmmmmmm. Steve is a nice guy. He WAS my boss at a major newspaper. He WAS a player, I adored him, gave up my life for him, did EVERYTHING for him, for he was my knight in shining armour. I chan...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 51636 Views
Religion Forum
Tradition of the church is an important factor. If you read St John, he tells many times, that he will tell them 'in person' ..towads the end of the text. He therefore leaves open the oral...
THREAD GovernmentKerry Bad For America
26 Posts • 6148 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Open letter to John Kerry To be an American is something more than an aspiration or an idea. Americans have a right to be led by a fellow American, not by someone who received a good part of his ed...
THREAD JokesClean fun...
24 Posts • 7415 Views
Jokes & Games
A WOMAN'S (REAL) PRAYER: Now I lay me Down to sleep. I pray the Lord My shape to keep. Please no wrinkles Please no bags And please lift my butt Before it sags. Please no age spots Plea...
THREAD SpiritualityDevil Possession
2 Posts • 2966 Views
Religion Forum
before i write anything i just wanted to see if people really do believe in the powers of evil and devil possession. This direct assault covers what the Bible refers to as "demon possession,&quo...
THREAD Society & SociologyMy American nightmare
34 Posts • 68363 Views
Psychology Forum
69. Juror summon (6/16) On May 13, I received a Juror summon. I returned the notice with a letter as following: "May 22, 2002 Dear lady/sir I think I am disqualify for a juror. I circ...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyFacing my reality of being unloved
6 Posts • 6816 Views
Psychology Forum
After reading the advise others have given, I am editing to add how important it is to have a support group. There are many different kinds of support groups. Churches are the most obvious places to f...
THREAD interesting viewpoint about dating
3 Posts • 2534 Views
Talk Talk
from: http://www.friendster.c om/discussion/index.php?t=msg& amp;th=15970&start=120& ; Roland (has a girlfriend half his age) wrote: "What can't you understand, barman? That there...
THREAD General HealthMedical Malpractice
2 Posts • 2946 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
On May 7, 2001, my mother, Eileen Bialek {age 72} underwent elective surgery for correction of a prolapsed uterus and cystocle. The surgeon in the department of Urology at a major medical facility in...
THREAD ElectionsRemarkable State of the Union Speech...
85 Posts • 15406 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Gainesville Sun Headlines Pg. 1A Bush cuts to target police at local level. Pg. 9A 2.5 Trillion Budget fight coming soon! Pg. 10A Sharp cuts likely for commodities, farm programs. Pg. 10A B...
THREAD Tsunami, Wet Nightmare
1 Posts • 2486 Views
Talk Talk
I'm sure you have all heard of this horrid atrocity, and we quibbled over 3,000, willing to start a world war because of 3,000 (which I am not belittling). I just want to make the point that...
THREAD War & TerrorismExcerp: Truth of War
124 Posts • 23759 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Excerpt: Revealed: U.S. Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques By Greg Mitchell Editor & Publisher Wednesday, November 1, 2006 The true stories of how Americ...
THREAD ChristianityWhat makes people so angry about the Christian faith?
23 Posts • 16930 Views
Religion Forum
You tell 'em! Unlike Decius, I do not consider myself, nor have I ever, a christian. I'm just not. I have no religion. But I have plenty of reasons to be mad at christians. For instanc...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 33840 Views
Religion Forum
1.God is always exists, before satan, b4 angels, b4 man, before the universe and even time itself. 2.God has no beginning because He is the source - God has no end, because He is the creator of every...
THREAD Dawn's Greeting
9 Posts • 2762 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
CHAPTER THREE Sharra and Darrow sat close in the pod and took it in turns to shift space and time, using their gift to its limit to reach the time distortion that Kelly was creating, before she di...
THREAD LawThoughts about banning same sex marriages.
3 Posts • 1797 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I didn't write this, but I wish I did. I hope that you'll get the same chuckle out of this as I did. If Bush is going to use the Bible to make law, then..... Dear President Bush:...
THREAD Mental IllnessSelf-Medicated?
11 Posts • 2644 Views
Psychology Forum
good point... point(s) I of course, may not be the sharpest needle in the haystack... and yet I believe very soon the haystack will burn, and we'll be able to see every rusty little prick hidi...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsAnother heartbreak post
4 Posts • 3275 Views
Psychology Forum
I read some heartbreak topics here so I figured I could write away my story here. I always thought "heartbreak" was just an expression 'till I experienced the feeling and it's j...
THREAD The Haunting
1 Posts • 2214 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The Haunting The city sleeps, dreaming of times long gone. Creepers, mosses and lichens do their eternal duty, slowly returning those thing wrought by the hands of man to their primordial state....
1 Posts • 2500 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
This is brought to you from the Mennonights - the true Christians, who are not afraid of peace. with the help of CPT net 3 June 2005 FALLUJAH, IRA...
THREAD Generation Gaps - Believer / Non-believer?
12 Posts • 2322 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well Mystical Lass - (Sorceress) As you know not much takes place in a vacumme... If not, nothing does.. Here's an example of how the government benefits from a negative - (which we sh...
THREAD Life & DeathUnderstanding of life
13 Posts • 3370 Views
Philosophy Forum
Random Rantings That Actually Make Sense, and are Somewhat Valuable To People Who Need Some Type of Help of Understanding Why We Live In Such A Shitty World. Why can't people just understan...
THREAD SocietyYour Veiw on Society
6 Posts • 2606 Views
Philosophy Forum
Random Rantings That Actually Make Sense, and are Somewhat Valuable To People Who Need Some Type of Help of Understanding Why We Live In Such A Shitty World. Why can't people just understan...
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