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Tagged > Crime
THREAD Society & SociologyNumber of People Murdered Every Day?
2 Posts • 4685 Views
Psychology Forum s/homicide.htm if you check other years, its about 20k people murdered in the USA every year. The cities who are the most criminally active are detroit, baltimore and...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould drugs be legalised?
14 Posts • 3194 Views
Philosophy Forum
yah, some are addictive but isn't that up to the user? forcing someone is a crime so thats different than legalization
THREAD Christianityjesus finishing our sins
43 Posts • 8397 Views
Religion Forum
Sin exists we all sin and we always will as long as we're on this earth. But sinning does not keep you out of Heaven. If that were the case no one would ever get in. Christians are still sinners...
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 32236 Views
Religion Forum
No one said it did. But gays in particular are into losing the idea of responsibility. And you seem to think the crime rate isn't bad.
THREAD Society10 Years After Apartheid, South Africa in a Crisis
4 Posts • 54159 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
[Crime is absolutely out of control in South Africa and even worse than has been reported. The statistics are mind-boggling. The South African murder rate is ten times that of the US. And what's...
THREAD GovernmentDoes the goverment have rights to penalis those it
67 Posts • 13809 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The goverment assumes responsibilitie for individual with it being a welfare state ( Britian). It apparantly "tries" to keep its people in an almost resonable standard of living right? In re...
THREAD Judicial Plea Bargaining
3 Posts • 2476 Views
Talk Talk
Plea bargaining is silly. Its quite literally paying someone to admit to a crime. Somehow that seems wrong.
THREAD LawDigressing to older methods of punishment
0 Posts • 2081 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The main reason they don't cut people's hands off for littering is because of the idea that the punishment should be commensurate to the crime (see the 8th Amendment "Excessive bail sha...
THREAD Is love worth prison?
5 Posts • 2704 Views
Talk Talk
Today I had to take my son and now considered "Alleged Grandson" into have a DNA test done ($620). However, I was informed that I will be reimbursed by the mother since, all of a sudden ther...
THREAD Life & DeathRules Of Life??????
18 Posts • 5980 Views
Philosophy Forum
why do u think that, insane people dont get off wid it they get locked up aswell just not in prison besides if someone truly is smart they will know not to commit the crime or know how to get away...
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 32236 Views
Religion Forum
don't tell me what i think. i aknowedge that the crime rate is high, but that doesn't mean that gay's are commiting the crimes. i don't know where you're getting your informat...
THREAD Society & SociologyDeath Penalty?
16 Posts • 6501 Views
Psychology Forum
what's the point of the death penalty? it is not a punishment, because the purpose of a punishment is to make it so that the person will learn from their mistakes and correct themselves. and as f...
THREAD God in ReligionWake up and discover that God never existed
48 Posts • 10141 Views
Religion Forum
And let us not forget, that it is still 'god' - by what ever name an individual knows him as - that stops some from commiting crime and doing as they please. A heck of a lot more people than...
THREAD Vegetarian or No?
58 Posts • 10573 Views
Talk Talk
Oh dear. It appears that the last posts of myself and the Awakenedwraith have been deleted. Let me try to sugar-coat and make more paletable by on-topic ideas and contribution to the point of this thr...
THREAD Homosexualityborn gay
182 Posts • 34691 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Toleration is a joke. If you think everyone should be tolerated equally then you go to the prisons and free everyone because people in jail are being discriminated against and that is a hate crime.
THREAD Justice System
11 Posts • 1987 Views
Talk Talk
I have wondered what would happend if they made it so everyone was punished the same no matter the age. Would the crime rate go down among juveniles once they realize that they will no be treated ligh...
99 Posts • 16796 Views
Philosophy Forum
word sleep wri... i was just going to post something like that.. its not stealing if the guy never notived it, just like the tree doesnt make a sound if no ones there to hear it... if the guy sees...
THREAD IslamMuslim women who cover their hair
27 Posts • 34832 Views
Religion Forum
I would say that the women wear the headress to protect herself. Being raped would be bad, but dishonoring your family could mean death. I heard this very disturbing story on NPR. A fifteen year ol...
THREAD GovernmentOccupy Wall Street
33 Posts • 5884 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
you are right i have a hatred for your country, but not the people, the policies your country live by i hate. and before capitalism existed some sort of capitalism existed not defined as capitalism bu...
THREAD Christianitycommandments
68 Posts • 11491 Views
Religion Forum
You seem to assume that without rules people would stop commiting crimes. The crime rate would be zero without laws but the result would be much worse and how does it create freedom for the person bei...
THREAD The OJ Simpson Case
47 Posts • 27226 Views
Talk Talk
If it was my guess.. i would say they were having an affair to some degree and discussing matters relating to OJ Simpsons money.. But that seems to be a little obvious... are there any remaining cr...
THREAD Canada Being A Push Over
2 Posts • 2289 Views
Talk Talk
haha you said wood. no but seriously, us owing 5 billion and a person (politician or otherwise) commiting a crime seem like two very different circumstances. youre comparing apples to oranges as t...
THREAD In The NewsPiratebay co-founder arrested
2 Posts • 1616 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (On another note, the line “His arrest was made at the request of the Swedish government for a crime related to...
THREAD Who killed Marilyn Monroe?
5 Posts • 3798 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
I have heard a lot of information suggesting that she was murdered. While the simple explanation is that she committed suicide, The involvement with the Kennedy's and their ties with organized cr...
THREAD Your sacred cow
8 Posts • 1924 Views
Talk Talk
My "Great War." The situation with the person I love most in the world. My feelings towards sex crime victims.
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